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Re: automatic installation of PAE-enabled kernel?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

right ... i would still need a PAE-enabled kernel even on a 64-bit CPU
if i installed only the 32-bit version of the OS.  is that what you
were saying?  i *believe* that's the case but i haven't tested that
since none of my systems have >4G of RAM.

That's what I think. 4 Gbytes should be enough to try it with.

the actual issue is that, if i have a 32-bit, PAE-enabled system
with <4G of RAM, obviously, PAE won't be relevant and i'll get a
regular kernel installed.  but what if, even though there's <4G
*now*, i know that i'll be putting in several gig next week, so
i'll want the PAE kernel in preparation for that?  better yet,
does it hurt to have a PAE kernel even if you don't need the PAE
When I replied earlier, I ran dmidecode to see how may RAM slots I
have. I can install 4 Gbytes, but as I understand things I don't get
to use it all unless I use PAE. But I could be wrong, I might not
get to use it all either way.

maybe someone more knowledgeable can clarify this.  and, again, i'm
still unsure if there's any harm in running a PAE-enabled kernel even
when you don't need one.

Only if it doesn't work:-)



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