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Re: automatic installation of PAE-enabled kernel?

Michael A. Peters wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  if i had been installing f8 on a 32-bit, PAE-enabled system with >4G
of RAM, would that have automatically installed the PAE version of the
kernel?  or would i have had to make a choice along the way?  thanks.

From what I understand, Anaconda has to install the kernel version it booted, and that therefore, a PAE kernel is not installed by Anaconda unless you do a custom respin.

Historically that has not been the case. Originally, it ran with a specially-built I386 kernel, but chose a 586 or 686 (or briefly an AMD) kernel, +SMP if appropriate.

The kernels did have to be the same release.

I believe that in RHEL Anaconda installs more than one kernel (I use -clone and that's one area they differ) if one chooses the VT stuff.



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