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Re: F8 is a problem

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:

I still have an Fedora 7 system, not because one version is problematic over another but because I downloaded the image and never burned a DVD for the other computer yet.

You don't have to burn the DVD if your computers are on the same network. I loop mounted the DVD image, created a bootable USB memory stick (The image is in the images directory, as well as instructions.) and do a HTML install. You can also burn a bootable CD, but I like to use the memory stick because it is reusable.

I have also done an install from a DVD image on a hard drive, but I have a separate partition that does not get reformatted during an install.


Thanks for pointing out the additional options. My wife put all of my accessories away and I only recently found the DVD burner. The other computers are here and there so a DVD is he best option since they vary with manufacturer.
I like the USB stick idea and will investigate it later.
I guess I'm getting less enthusiastic about downloading a DVD so often. I upgraded some Internet available computers from F7 to F8. Since people refer to not being able to upgrade with F8 and need to do a clean installation, I see no hurry to burn a DVD. The target computers are upgrades from several years ago, from memory around 2004 and going strong.

I truly would like to see an upgrade which offered new packages for installation instead of just doin a straight upgrade and not offering the improvements/changes.


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