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Re: Cursor disappeared after FC8 reinstall

M. Fioretti wrote:

this is on the same AMD 64 computer which got corrupted after an update a
few days ago (see "Firefox, mutt and others crash after update").

It may have been, at least in part, a case of bad memory.
I have reformatted, reinstalled everything and immediately applied all the
updates and the nvidia drivers from the livna repo.

Now everything is fine, except that the cursor doesn't show in X! The
mouse _is_ working, I can for example right-click to get the "run-command"
prompt in kde and start any app from there; and if I go (blindly) over an
open konsole, I can scroll with the mouse wheel. It's just the cursor that
it's invisible. What should I change in the X.org file? I'm baffled,
actually, because I have basically redone the _same_ installation I was
using until last Tuesday, and I never had cursor problems the first time.

I will try to search it online, but without the cursor browsing is much
slower, for me now, at least, I'd really appreciate a quick pointer in the
right direction.


Hi Marco, go to /boot/grub/ and edit grub.conf and on the kernel lines erase the rgsd like thing. All you should have left is quiet :-)


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