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Re: all the possibilities for emulation/virtualization under fedora?

Paul Smith wrote:
On Jan 19, 2008 10:18 AM, Brian Chadwick <brianchad westnet com au> wrote:
  for the sake of a presentation i'm giving, i want to list all of the
options for emulation and virtualization under fedora.  i won't be
explaining them all in horrendous detail (it's only an hour), but i at
least want to hit the high points, so i'm just trying to create a list
-- stuff like QEMU, VirtualBox, VMwarePlayer, JumpBox, KVM, Xen ...
and on and on.

  what's worth having on that list?  after it's all over, i'll post a
summary (and perhaps a few simple recipes) to the wiki.  thanks.

I havent used QEMU, though a lot of things are based around it. I used
to use VMWare. Then I found VirtualBox. FOSS and easy to use. I give it
full marks. Xen and KVM require (as far as i know) special CPU support,
and as I have an old Athloin XP3200+, I cant use them.

But yeah ... put VirtualBox on your list for sure.

Is VirtualBox superior to VMware Server?


i am not qualified to say whether its superior, but in my experience it is faster and easier to use ... and its FOSS

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