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Re: Supported cameras for fedora core 7

Tim wrote:
Brian Chadwick:
googling found this :

Revision 1.61 	2005-02-21

That's going to be quite a bit out of date.
Brian Chadwick:
maybe some more googling will help you ... try it ... its free

I'm not the original poster, I just made an observation.

So did I
My second
observation suggests that you're a person who suggests that people
should just Google things, presuming that anything it returns will be
suitable without paying much attention.

For me, 99.9% of information about linux and Fedora has been gleaned by searching forums and googling. I suspect that is the case for most other users as well. Its a good habit to get into, and that I why I suggest it.
The original poster did ask a specific question about a specific camera.
The most obvious thing about that question would be they'd hope that
someone would answer about that camera in particular.  i.e. Perhaps
someone's already got the same one, and can say that it worked well, or
they never managed it.
Quite True, someone may answer, in the mean time, getting into the habit of doing your own searching is not such a bad thing.

  A two year old document isn't likely to be
applicable to a current camera, nor the current level of webcam support
in a current Fedora.

Perhaps you might apply a bit more thought when reading and responding,
it won't cost you anything, either.

Perhaps you might assist the guy and lay off me.

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