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Re: HELP: External 250G USB screwed with GParted

André Costa wrote:

I've read some reports about the same error messages suggesting they
could be caused by insufficient power on the USB ports (looks like it
really fluctuates, and that external drives demand more power than
usual USB devices). Initially I wouldn't consider this an option on my
case, since the drive already worked on this same port I am trying now
before the failed GParted session. However, I don't know if the drive
is now in a weird state in which more power is needed...

WD sells a "power booster cable" for USD 9.99, but they only sell it
on the US =/ I'll try to buy a AC powered USB hub, this should ensure
all the power needed and get one variable out of the equation.

I have 2 2-1/2" USB drives that get their power from the USB bus. They both draw more power then one USB connection will easily supply. The computer end of the cable has 2 USB plugs, one that is only a power connection. To make the drives work right, you have to plug in the power-only plug first, wait 10 seconds for the drive to spin up, and then plug in the data connection. If you plug them in at the same time, or only use one plug, it will sometimes work, but it will usually have problems.

One other thing to keep in mind - if the drive drew too much power, the USB port may have shut down. I know some kernels enforce the power limits, but I don't remember if the current kernels do. There was debate about this, but I don't remember reading about the final decision. Moving to another USB port may fix the problem. (I don't remember how to reset the port.) This shotdown may also be BIOS dependent. On my laptop, I get overcurrent warnings when waking up under Windows sense updating the BIOS. I have not tested this under Linux yet.


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