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SOLVED: Cursor disappeared after FC8 reinstall

On Sun, Jan 20, 2008 01:00:03 AM +0100, M. Fioretti
(mfioretti nexaima net) wrote:

> this is on the same AMD 64 computer which got corrupted after an
> update a few days ago (see "Firefox, mutt and others crash after
> update").
> It may have been, at least in part, a case of bad memory.  I have
> reformatted, reinstalled everything and immediately applied all the
> updates and the nvidia drivers from the livna repo.
> Now everything is fine, except that the cursor doesn't show in X!

Thanks to all who answered. The solution proposed were any combination of:

1) set "HWCursor" "off" in X.org configuration file, device section
2) remove the rhgb option in the kernel lines of /boot/grub.grub.conf

I tried only the second, since is the one most frequently suggested in
the archives, and it works for me too, so I haven't touched the X.org file.

Thanks again,
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