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Re: [Bulk] Re: The Name of the Lord.

Hi Ric;

Just sitting here Sunday morning killing time before I actually do
something useful.  Thought I would add my 2¢.

On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 03:55 -0500, Ric Moore wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-01-19 at 17:55 -0500, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > On Sat, 19 Jan 2008, Erik P. Olsen wrote:
> > 
> > > Strong wrote:
> > > > On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 12:23:55 -0500 Felix Miata <mrmazda ij net> wrote:
> > > > > Jesus Christ, the reason for the season.
> > > >
> > > > I think This Name is not applicable here, as It Too Great! I remind
> > > > You what Scripture says: "Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy
> > > > God in vain; for the Lord Will Not Hold him Guiltless that takes His
> > > > Name in vain." /Mosiah 13:15/
> > > >
> > > What an unforgiving lord.
> > 
> > ah ... i see where all my capital letters went ...
> No kidding. All the guy wrote (at least as quoted) was: "Jesus Christ,
> the reason for the season." and he gets whopped upside the head with the
> OLD Testament. 
You are right.  One person made a harmless remark.  Although I am not
religious, I found his small signing off tag inoffensive and the kind of
thing one hears and sees during the Christmas season all the time.

The response was something of a 'logical fallacy' that can be seen in
the modern media driven world all the time.  I call it "platforming".
That is, if someone uses a word or phrase, no matter the context, no
matter how innocuous, someone else fains pain or insult and then
proceeds to declaim at length their own 'political' views.

This particular logical abuse igreat lengths prevalent during a
political season, as you are having in the U.S. this year.  You will
note that the 'platform' user seldom directly rebuts the statement made,
but simply uses the mere utterance of a word or phrase as an opportunity
to speechify at great length about some slightly connected subject. 

For example, Hillary's and Barak's people have been successfully
'platforming' for political advantage in the last week.

As the elections unfold in your country, no matter what your own
political beliefs may be, watch out for the prevalence of 'platforming'.

> No wonder so many guys "inside da joint" turn to Islam, Buddhism and
> Yoga for alternate spiritual paths to enlightenment and love, the
> universal truth of the Creator. When you enter court, you swear on the
> Old Testament side of the Bible, full of God cursing his creations. I'd
> rather swear on the back-side where all the Good News is, which includes
> stuff like forgiveness and redemption. Have a blessed day, Ric :) 

Most religions, but particularly a special species of Christians, are
notorious for their 'platforming' skills.

Regards Bill

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