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Re: using VNC to *control* a remote session

On Sun, 20 Jan 2008, Les Mikesell wrote:

> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   i just now noticed, in the files that come with the vnc-server
> > package, the "x0vncserver" program.  "man x0vncserver":
> >
> > "x0vncserver is a VNC server which continuously polls any X display,
> > allowing it to be controlled via VNC..."
> >
> >   ok, so does that give one the ability to control a remote session,
> > the way paul johnson was waxing nostalgic about earlier?  i must
> > investigate further ...
> >
> There are any number of ways to 'control a remote session'.  If you
> mean specifically while it is also displayed on the main console,
> then the X module is one way to do it.

sorry, but by "X module," do you mean the aforementioned x0vncserver?

> I think KDE and Gnome have desktop sharing options too. I usually
> run the desktop I want to share under freenx and always access it
> remotely since the performance is better than vnc - but vnc is good
> enough it you just want to check some long-running program
> occasionally.

i realize there are options outside of VNC, i just wanted to keep that
wiki page VNC-specific.  admittedly, though, i've never used freenx.
now you've piqued my interest ...


p.s.  i've already updated the VNC wiki page to discuss x0vncserver.

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