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Re: F8 is a problem

I have learned some things about F8 which need to be understood. For some reason if you remove the 6 pulseaudio rpm's on the F8 DVD from your computer the audio will not work. The best way to disable pulseaudio is to remove just one file, leaving the rest. Remove the file this way:

# yum remove alsa-plugins-pulseaudio

Since there will be more pulseaudio updates I set up my yum so it denies any of these. You can do this by adding a line in the file /etc/yum.conf which says exclude= *pulseaudio* and you will not get any update with pulseaudio in it's name.

While I was having trouble getting vlc from either freshrpms or livna a user explained all the problems he was having with F8. Then others said similar things so I expect F8 to not boot or do things when the internal binary files fail. It appears if you use F8 for awhile it will just stop working no fault of the user.

Watching for the problems to start will be a project to me. There is lots that I like about F8. It shows some code written to make the Desktop look nicer than F7 and a lot of little things. I like that. I will back up this F8 with rsync to a USB hard drive.

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