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Re: File Transfer: Connect Fedora to Windows machine via ethernet without a router?

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Can one connect a laptop running Fedora directly to a Windows machine
> and transfer files between them? In this particular case, the computer
> that I'd like to connect to is Windows XP Home Edition SP2, but I'd
> like to know how to connect to Windows computers in general.

Depends on what you mean by "connect".
If you mean "set up so that the windows machine can drag and drop"

You can use a crossover cable to link the 2 machines.
You could then either
- statically fix the IP addressing on both boxes.
- run a dhcp server on the linux box and tell the windows machine to
pick up the information automatically (it may already be set up this way)

For transferring files you have a number of alternatives:

samba - windows-style filesharing
an ftp server on the linux box

sshd on the linux box and winscp on the windows side.
httpd and webDAV on the linux box
(and a few others)
or just do it the oldfashioned way with a USB disk

> As the windows computer is obviously not mine, I'd like to avoid
> installing software on it if possible. Thanks.

then you probably want one of the first 2.

You can access ftp sites in Windows/Internet Explorer
If you have networking functioning properly and samba running on the
linux machine, you should see your laptop in Network Neighborhood (sic)

both should allow drag and drop if the linux side is correctly set up.

vftpd is easier to set up than samba IMHO

(although my preferred system would be winscp/sshd...)


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