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Re: TV out through VGA? ATI X1400 with fglrx driver

On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 22:53 +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 14/01/2008, Rick Bilonick <rab nauticom net> wrote:
> > When I'm at home I will upload my xorg.conf file. I found the
> > information on the web - it's readily available. I would search for
> > "modeline", "HDTV", "1920x1080", etc. or whatever (e.g., PAL). You
> > should check the info on your video card to see what resolutions it
> > handles. The original box it came in had the information but I'm sure
> > you can find this on line.
> Thanks. Now that I know what to google for, I will. Note that the
> video card is _still_ in it's original box. I never took it out of the
> box. The box just happens to be a Dell Inspiron 6400.
> > I should add that the connector or adapter I use to go from VGA to
> > component output is actually not so simple. I bought an RCA unit (I
> > don't remember the name and number and I can't check at the moment). It
> > has a box but again it does not do scan conversion - it just changes the
> > analog VGA to analog component output. This unit was made for RCA's HDTV
> > tuner box (DTC100) to allow connection to HDTVs with only component
> > inputs (and no VGA inputs). I have an RCA HDTV that includes a standard
> > VGA input so I don't need the unit for that but the unit works fine with
> > the VGA from video cards that support HDTV formats. HDTV ATSC formats
> > are different from European formats.
> I see this getting messy. My Fuji 5500 camera has a yellow RCA plug
> that works with every TV that I've plugged it into. I should like to
> find something similar for this Dell.
> Dotan Cohen

Composite resolution (using the RCA type connector) is VERY poor (and
the color is not great), especially if the TV can display higher
resolutions than just old analog (NTSC or PAL) TV.

If you don't want to fiddle with xorg.conf, then you might want to try
to find a device that will take SVGA etc. output and convert it directly
into an HDTV format. I don't remember if I've ever seen such a device
for sale although if I did, it was probably expensive.

You might also want to check out the program "xrandr". Someone somewhere
mentioned this - I was looking for a way to get the Dell Inspiron 2200's
VGA output port to work under Fedora 8 with the new intel video driver
(that appears to now be installed by default rather than the older i810
or whatever). (Under Fedora 6 and the older driver, you would use a
function key to enable the VGA output, e.g., to a projector for a
presentation.) xrandr is EXTREMELY nifty and MIGHT make it easier to
display the higher resolutions out through the VGA port. Using xrandr
(via the command line), it was trivial to set up the laptop with another
monitor or HDTV with VGA input port (which directly accepts up to an
800x600 progressive display). I get a dual screen without having to
modify the xorg.conf file (well, it helps to tweak the xorg.conf file
just slightly to get the best resolution). Before, to get dual screens
you really had to know how to modify the xorg.conf file. Now, all you
really need is xrandr (which I believe stands for X resize and rotate).

I haven't tried this using HDTV formats (like 1920x1080i) and the
VGA-to-component adapter yet.

Rick B.

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