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Re: File Transfer: Connect Fedora to Windows machine via ethernet without a router?

On Sunday 20 January 2008 18:21, Stuart Sears wrote:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > Can one connect a laptop running Fedora directly to a Windows machine
> > and transfer files between them? In this particular case, the computer
> > that I'd like to connect to is Windows XP Home Edition SP2, but I'd
> > like to know how to connect to Windows computers in general.

> For transferring files you have a number of alternatives:
> samba - windows-style filesharing
> an ftp server on the linux box
> sshd on the linux box and winscp on the windows side.
> httpd and webDAV on the linux box
> (and a few others)
> or just do it the oldfashioned way with a USB disk
> > As the windows computer is obviously not mine, I'd like to avoid
> > installing software on it if possible. Thanks.
> then you probably want one of the first 2.

Being picky on the meaning of the word "installing" to a Windows machine, you 
may try putty. It works via ssh, but *does not* require to be _installed_ on 
a Windows machine. You just need to copy it to some directory and run it. No 
install wizards, no changing registry, nothing regarded to installing. After 
you're done, simply delete it.


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