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Re: File Transfer: Connect Fedora to Windows machine via ethernet without a router?

On 20/01/2008, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
> Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> >
> > Being picky on the meaning of the word "installing" to a Windows machine, you
> > may try putty. It works via ssh, but *does not* require to be _installed_ on
> > a Windows machine. You just need to copy it to some directory and run it. No
> > install wizards, no changing registry, nothing regarded to installing. After
> > you're done, simply delete it.
> >
> > :-)
> > Marko
> >
> It also runs fine from a USB memory drive. No need to install
> anything on the computer. I like that option because I can have my
> ssh key on the drive as well, and take it with me. (Pass phrase
> protected key.)
> Mikkel

I do this as well, along with Portable Firefox and Portable OOo on the
same USB memory drive.

Dotan Cohen


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