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Re: Fwd: Software on Instalation CD

No, still no answer. Is there someone who normally extracted programs from F8 instalation DVD after instalation? Isn't this a preeeety large bug for a system like Fedora??? Or I'm doing something wrong?

V. S. Constantine wrote:

After installing Fedora8 i386 how can I acces aditional programs on instalation DVD?
I tried without success:
* Butting again from instalation DVD and go to System update, but there is no option to add aditional software. * From: Applications -> Add/Remove Software but than I get "Retrieving software information" window which stays like that for a large period of time. Even with existance of Internet connection I receive Unhandled exeption...

Is this some kind of a bug, and is there a solution?

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Hi Vlada

I didn't see a answer to your question . . . if there was I missed it.

I too was wondering about this . . . did you find a answer?


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