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Re: dual boot Windows XP and Fedora 8

Gerhard Magnus wrote:
Is there anything on the web -- or does anyone know -- about a procedure
for setting up a dual boot of Windows XP and Fedora 8? I have XP running
on one of two hard drives and would like to install Fedora on the
second. Thanks for the help!


The default for installing Fedora on computers with DOS or MS windows is to add an entry in the bootloader called *other* and not touch the existing windows partitions. You may need to manually select the partition schemes if your second hard drive was formatted in ntfs or FAT formats which is likely. Usually you would want to setup a /boot partition of 100 MB, a swap partition of roughly twice your memory, a /home partition for your user stuff which would be fairly large and a / partition to handle everything else. You could also use the Windows disk utilities to unallocate the disk space you want to use for Linux and allow the Fedora installer to allocate the free space. It usually will make a 100 MB boot partition and an LVM containing the swap partition it thinks is best and the rest would be allocated to /. You also can edit the name of other to something you prefer and select whether you want Fedora or other to boot by default. By default, you will see a vague screen for booting but if you pressed a key a boot menu would unhide itself and show the other and Fedora choices. Enjoy setting up a dual boot for Windows and Fedora. You should enjoy the experience.


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