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Re: Is FC8 stable enough for what I am doing...

Robert L Cochran wrote:
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John Summerfield wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
On Sun, 20 Jan 2008, Chuck wrote:

Sweet, downloading centos 5 now as we speak.
there is a centos 5.1, or is that what you meant?
5.0+updates=5.1. If he's downloading 5.0, little point in changing.

This reminded me to copy my 5.0 CentOS DVD somewhere, then rename the
copy so it is exactly the same name as a 5.1 DVD, and then rsync against
a CentOS 5.1 mirror to pick up the differences between files. That
should give me a true 5.1 DVD in a reasonable amount of time.

It should; I think you should specify a 2k blocksize. I think the Ubuntu website has a recommendation for tracking its daily builds.

I think jigdo's available for CentOS too.



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