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Re: HELP: External 250G USB screwed with GParted

On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 22:14 -0700, Craig White wrote:
> All of the trivia quoted above is absolutely pointless with the
> exception that you want to use pointless trivia to proffer your
> knowledge. 

What you call "trivia" is factual information about what's involved.
You wanted me to back up my assertion, I've just explained all the
background information for you.  Now you want to call the information
that explains it as pointless.  Since you don't understand it, ask
someone else to confirm it for you.

You remind me of lay people who, upon being advised by their doctor, who
actually know what they're talking about, say "pfft, what would they

> If you actually knew of some commercial USB cable that was being sold
> that was incapable of handling USB 2.0, you might have actually
> offered information that was useful to someone.

Do you realise how stupid it is to even ask that?  How many hundreds of
brands may be available for purchase?  How many different brands in
different places that aren't available at the other places?  How many
that are fine, but aren't mentioned by someone, so people won't buy
them?  How many of the same product are sold by different labels?  How
many of different products are sold under the same label?

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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