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Re: Off Topic: can anyone recommend a USB KVM

Claude Jones wrote:
On Sat January 19 2008, John Summerfield wrote:
I rather think Claude's looking for users' experience, not just a
catalogue of what's available.

Yes, exactly. There are two all USB KVM's I've tried, and both were flaky, a Startech and an Avocent. So far, I don't think anyone has addressed the precise question, or at least, not with sufficient precision. Most USB based KVM's require PS2 keyboard and mouse, and they connect to the client machines via USB - those generally work, though, with caveats. I'm looking specifically for a KVM that accepts USB keyboard and mouse, and connects to clients via USB, AND WORKS -- that's the criteria. I'll check the IOGear units, which I have had good results with, but, the ones I've used were PS2 inputs from the mouse and keyboard, and USB to clients. Since the respondent who suggested IOGear didn't specify precisely what his units' specs were, I still don't know whether he was addressing my specific question...

The IOGear KVMs I mentiioned earlier were either PS2 to PS2 or USB to USB. There was no crossover. I was not aware of those until it was pointed out that they exist here. These were NOT powered units. I've seen one Belkin multiple connection externally powered unit (4 ports I believe) that it, several years ago, was a right royal pain. Things just never switched properly with it. Could have been that switch, but it was new at the time. The newer ones, however, might be better so do not take my anecdotal evidence too strongly unless you are acquiring a used Belkin.


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