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Re: df not reporting correct free space - hard link problems?

Neil Bird wrote:
Around about 18/01/08 09:32, Tony Molloy typed ...
Could be you're out of inodes on the filesystem. Try
/usr/lib/news/bin/inndf -i /usr/backup

Around about 18/01/08 13:38, Les Mikesell typed ...
 > If you have a lot of small files you might run out of inodes before
 > using all the space.  Try 'df -i'.

  That was, in fact, the problem:

$ df -i /usr/backup/
Filesystem            Inodes   IUsed   IFree IUse% Mounted on
                      474624  471797    2827  100% /usr/backup

That Inodes number's extremely low in comparison to my other partitions. Is it low because of the partition size (which would be off) or because I (think I) created the partition with the 'largefiles' option (it's mostly got mythtv recording backups on it; yes, I like my TV :) ).

In comparison my / is 28GB, is nearly full and is only using 8% of 7M
inodes (FC6 plus home directory, filled with source trees, video and
email).  Largefile has a seriously low inode ratio: see /etc/mke2fs.

I assume I can't do anything about it now it's in use (i.e., no runtime changing of the inodes count). Even if I did regenerate the filesystem, does anyone know if it's 'safe' to override the inode count with mke2fs's '-N'?

The standard setup will give you lots more inodes.  So far as safe goes
the only danger I know of is the one you have run into (or
over-specifying inodes and have no data space).  I'd guess the default
should be fine, but you might want to work out what your current ratio
of inodes to space is.  As far as I know you're right; you can't change
the inode count in-situ.


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