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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

--- John Summerfield <debian herakles homelinux org>

> The latest Fedora newsletter triggered this. Someone
> was asking about 
> CD-sized ISO images.
> For some time I've wondered whether it might be a
> Good Thing for distros 
> to create a bunch of CD-sized ISO images, and then
> for the DVD-sized ISO 
> image simply glue the lot into a single ISO image
> that boots the 
> installer and installs as usual. I don't see much
> point to making 
> different-sized install media that are so different.
> Anaconda already has to logic to loop-mount ISO
> images, it just needs to 
> be applied to the "CDROM" install path.
> There would be space advantages to all who host the
> distro; they'd 
> simply host the DVD images.
> Users who want the CD images would download the DVD
> image, loop mount it 
> on Linux or OS X (I think there's brand-X software
> for Windows too) and 
> then extract the ISO images to burn or not.
> I'm assuming nobody (Debian users excepted)
> downloads less than a full 
> set of images.
> Most, but not all, of my too-numerous computers have
> DVD drives, and 
> right now I'm looking at installing something that I
> downloaded as a DVD 
> image on a system that hasn't a DVD drive.
> What do others think?
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> Cheers
> John
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Excellent Idea!!!  This has to go to the Fedora
Packagers/Developers and hope that they can implement
it.  It would benefit many that want the cake and eat
it too.  Kill more birds with one stone only.  The
documentation still needs to be specific as to how to
take the DVD image and make it into CD sized isos. 
But this is needed only if they (developers) decide to
go through with this idea.  

+1 :)



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