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Re: X-apps UI font is too big after installing FC8

Henrik Frisk wrote:
> I just upgraded my system from FC5 to FC8 (fresh install). Though it
> looks fantastic and works great so far, I have a small issue with
> the UI font of some (X)applications. The UI font in emacs, gv,
> scribus, xdvi, xpdf etc is too big. It's obviously a missing font or
> similar, but I can't seem to get around it. Any help would be
> appreciated.

Check the DPI setting.  It used to be hardcoded at 96 DPI in Gnome,
but with the current upstream release it is now determined from your
monotor size (and/or some other data).  Open System -> Preferences ->
Look and Feel -> Appearance.  Then, on the Fonts tab, select the
Details button and check/adjust the resolution and see if that helps.

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