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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

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> export its directory over NFS.
> On the computer you wish to install Fedora 8 on, take the boot.iso cd
> that you just burned and boot to it.
> At the prompt, type 'linux askmethod'.
> You will eventually be brought to a list of installation methods to
> select; choose 'NFS image'.
> Specify the location of the DVD iso.
> Presto, the installation begins.
> There is one small caveat, I have not yet done an NFS install off the
> boot.iso image. I can't swear it will be the same as if you popped the
> full DVD into a drive and used 'linux askmethod' on that. But I bet it will.

To clarify this a little more, I have done numerous NFS installs of
Fedora successfully, using either the full DVD or CD iso files.

I have not done an NFS install using the boot.iso cd that one finds in
the images directory as described above. I did, however, boot my machine
to the boot.iso cd just now and I see the same install options are there
on the screen.

I'll have to give this a shot next time.

Bob Cochran
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