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VMWare as a networking alternative


>I want to switch my laptop over to linux, but still plan to run an XP
virtual host.  My laptop has a broadcom wireless card which seems to be
This is what I do.  I run F8 on a Dell D620 laptop, and vmware XP
clients.  With the latest B43 modules with Network Manager, I don't
have any network problems (none that I have noticed).  I do cringe if
any of these modules are updated, and really don't like the latest
vpnc client as the behavior has changed.  I also have problems with
VMWare running on the latest kernel with a Dual Core processor - the
linux client machine's clocks do not run at the same speed - usually a
lot slower in my case.  Windows XP clients will "catch-up" every few
minutes, so that hasn't really been a problem.  Broadcom 4311 chipset
for networking

I used to have a Dell D610 that had only a single core processor.  I
didn't have any of these problems, though wireless networking
(Broadcom 4318 chipset - painful) at first would only work with
ndiswrapper at first with F7.  The Broadcom 4318 worked great with F8
using the B43 modules once I downloaded the correct firmware files.

>It seems that the reverse config (windows host, linux guest)
would allow the linux virtual to hit the net via nat through the windows
master.  Is the reverse possible, for the windows guest to provide net
services to the linux master?
You may have to ask this at the VMWare forums or open a support ticket
there.  I can give you my opinion though.  Simply - No.  You can setup
several networking options - host, bridged, nat - but the client
always relies on the host.  (bridged seems to be the most common setup
as you use the host card through the host, and the host creates a
virutal default card type for the client to use.)

If you cant get networking working with Linux as the host, then you
will never have networking available to any client that you try to
run.  The alternative is to run Windows as a host and linux as a
client - this will almost always work, but for some reason, I could
never set my machine up this way.

Hope this helps, Ken

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