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GNOME Session crashes after less then 10 seconds

Hello alltogether,

i just upgraded my FC7 to F8 with yum. All works fine and looks nice. 
after this, i removed using yum several new programs, which i thought for my needless. this was majorly some multimedia programs like bluetooth support or cd burning programs. i have also disabled one or two services over the administration->service tool. an after this, the problems begun. after a restart, the login manager of gnome is displayed, but every acount (root or normal user) will be notice a error message like: Your session takes at least less than 10 second ... (it was displayed in german) and a firefox without window title, a xterm window (which doesnt work) and a square clock will be displayed. 

the harddisk contains enought free space, and the Xorg.log or the xsession-errors.log contains no addional informations. 

have anybody a hint for me? Thanks a lot.

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