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Re: HELP: External 250G USB screwed with GParted

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
I could have sworn that the CAT 3 cable I used for networking was 4 pair, and not 2 pair. I can remember some 2 pair cable use for POT connections, but every networking application was 4 pair. Now, both 10BaseT and 100BaseTx only use 2 pair, but the cable is normally 4 pair. Now, there is a difference a physical difference between CAT 3 and CAT 5, but it has more to do with how the pairs are twisted together then the number of wires. The number of wists/inch, and the relationship between the number of twists in each pair change the electrical characteristics of the cable. (Each pair has a different twist rate.) I think how the pairs are twisted together in the cable is also specified.

Not enough coffee - Both CAT 3 and CAT 5 cable are available in different number of pairs, but 4 pair tends to be the most common in CAT 5 and CAT5e. You want to have fun, try terminating a 100 pair CAT 3 cable. At least with CAT 5, they tend to bundle each set of 5 pair in their own jacket inside the main cable. (I would rather have them bundled in 4 pair groups - I hate wasting 5 pair of a 25 pair cable when doing networking. I would rather have 5 groups of 4 pair for a 20 pair cable.)


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