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Re: HELP: External 250G USB screwed with GParted

Rick Stevens wrote:
On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 12:16 -0600, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Not enough coffee - Both CAT 3 and CAT 5 cable are available in different number of pairs, but 4 pair tends to be the most common in CAT 5 and CAT5e. You want to have fun, try terminating a 100 pair CAT 3 cable. At least with CAT 5, they tend to bundle each set of 5 pair in their own jacket inside the main cable. (I would rather have them bundled in 4 pair groups - I hate wasting 5 pair of a 25 pair cable when doing networking. I would rather have 5 groups of 4 pair for a 20 pair cable.)

Most CAT5e 25-pair I've seen don't bundle five pairs in a separate
jacket...it's just a standard 25-pair telco cable that meets 5e specs
(and I've even seen CAT6 versions of the same cable).

I've used the 5e stuff a BUNCH of times...typically to cross-connect
racks using 24-port patch panels.  Each panel requires four 25-pair
cables and you sacrifice a single pair per 25-pair cable.  I've pushed
gigabit across it with no problems--I've even pushed 10GB across it with
a bit less success (haven't tried the CAT6 version, but I don't design
data centers much anymore).
I wonder it the difference was that we were using all plenum rated cable? We were running between floors and through firewalls. Like you, we had 24 port rack mounted patch panels on both ends. We also had routers and a lot of patch panels for wall jacks on one end. The other end was in the server room. (About 500,000' of 4 pair CAT 5 installed.)


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