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Re: totem question

Gene Heskett wrote:

I had enough livna troubles to last me a while when I was running FC6. If I have to move outside the auspices of the rpm packagers, then I've found I'm far better off to just build the tarball and be done with it. Which is what I did with mplayer itself, but not its plugin, which was available.

Thanks Mikkel.

Rather then building directly from the source, you may want to consider downloading the source RPM and building from that. That way, you are still using the package manager. That way, it will hopefully warn you when an update is going to break things.

I have done this for a lot of packages. The only drawback is that when you go to update, you may have to remove the packages yourself before you can update to the next release of Fedora. It helps if you keep a record of the packages you build, both to help when you upgrade, and so you know what you are going to have to build again. Because I build RPMs as a user, I normally have the ones I build in my home directory, so it is easy. If I want to use the same version, I just rebuild the package from the source RPM, using the updated libraries. If not, the old spec file is a good place to start if I can not get a source RPM for the new version.


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