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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

Robert L Cochran wrote:

To clarify this a little more, I have done numerous NFS installs of
Fedora successfully, using either the full DVD or CD iso files.

I have not done an NFS install using the boot.iso cd that one finds in
the images directory as described above. I did, however, boot my machine
to the boot.iso cd just now and I see the same install options are there
on the screen.

I'll have to give this a shot next time.

Does this work with the latest EL, Fedora? It seems the repos on the DVD are more than a little strange.

At least with EL5, there's no documentation included on how to create a unified repo from the CD set, the procedure that used to work no longer applies now that the each image is a repo.

_I_ used to loop-mount the DVD image and export via http, but that now means I need to fight selinux _and_ I've not actually "fixed" the repo (I need to run createrep at a higher level than the mount-point for the ISO image).

But no networking solution works for one who'd like to give a CD set to a mate.



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