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Re: more Fedora Cookbook: VNC

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
On Sat, 19 Jan 2008, Paul Johnson wrote:

On Jan 9, 2008 2:54 AM, Alexander Apprich
<a apprich science-computing de> wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  yes, yes, it's really basic stuff but ...
I found this to be informative.

I've not used vnc for about 10 years, since Windows 95.

It works differently than I remember.  In the old days, when I would
use vnc, I would see the programs that were running on the other
system, and I'd take control of the keyboard and mouse of the other
system. It was handy for practical jokes where we would make people's
PCs do crazy stuff.

ok, here's what i've been able to figure out, and others can fix any
errors before i wiki it.

on the server side, run:

  $ x0vncserver PasswordFile=/home/rpjday/.vnc/passwd

(or whichever password file represents the appropriate user.
according to the man page, you *must* specify a VNC password file to
be used, which makes sense.)

  when you do that, you'll see something like:
Sun Jan 20 10:17:12 2008
 main:        XTest extension present - version 2.2
 main:        Listening on port 5900

  then, on the client side, connect to that exact port:

  $ vncviewer

that appears to give me the remote control over that desktop session.



Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

Home page:                                         http://crashcourse.ca
Fedora Cookbook:    http://crashcourse.ca/wiki/index.php/Fedora_Cookbook

Worked for me, however, I tried it on the same computer (localhost) and
it got a whole bunch of cascading windows and I could barely exit!  Now,
I just wonder what the best practice it to do this automaticly on boot.
I'd rather do this for my MythTV box than log in as the same user on a
different session.


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