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Re: totem question

Gene Heskett wrote:

Unforch, I have yet to come onto a tutorial on writing spec files that explains it in sufficient detail that _I_ can understand it. If I want an rpm, I may use checkinstall, but its so bloody broken that by the time I get a good rpm built with it, the spec file, and its dependency list are badly broken. I built a gutenprint that ran my printer perfectly, but had to use smarts ability to freeze a version in place else the updates from FC6 insisted on installing gimp-print-4.2.7, a 5 year old orphaned for the last 4 years package, over the top of it. My printer is an antique Epson C82, but gimp-print-4.2.7 never heard of it other than as a generic.

Now if someone were to write a tutorial on spec file's, starting at the McGuffy's Readers level, I MIGHT be able to do that. If it exists, I haven't found it, and I have asked here for guidance several times.

Thanks Mikkel.

I usually cheat, and start with the spec file of an earlier version. Sometimes all you have to change is the version and the specific options you want to feed to the configure script. (Oh yes - also the change log.)

I have built my own spec files, but I can't say that I know how to do it well enough to write a guide on it. You couold say I do it "cookbook" style.


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