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Re: HELP: External 250G USB screwed with GParted

Lamar Owen wrote:

There was a slip of paper in the box with my 80GB WD PassPort drive that warned to always use the supplied cable, and that the drive might not work with other cables, and to not use extensions. My own experience trying to use another cable, one that was the same length but had been supplied with a USB multi-card reader (SanDisk branded), indicated that this was in fact true, as the PassPort did not spin up with the SanDisk USB 2.0 cable, but would with the supplied WD cable.

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I would be pretty seriously peeved at such a note. Use of USB logos and assertions of standards compliance on the packaging mean that the device is supposed to be interoperable with other devices meeting those USB2.0standards.

If it requires the vendor-supplied cable, then the device is not USB2.0 compliant.

I have just identified a cable amongst my collection that does not seem to be a USB2.0 cable, the hard drive I was using through it seemed to run about 1 Mbytes/sec; I changed to another cable and got my 20+. In my case, the cable's probably several years old, I remember buying one - shielded with clear plastic coating - a while ago, to connect a printer.



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