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Re: Windows Network

Dr P Dupre wrote:

I am still trying to configure properly to have this "network" working.
Now I can see the other machines on the network !
When I try to connect on one (for example belonging to the same workgroup),
I get: Sorry, couldn't display all the contents of "Windows Network: bernath" and any machine shows up.
Concerning samba, I have: workgroup bernath
Security Authentication Mode User
Authentification Server: *
No Guest Account
Encrypt Password yes

Concerning the firewall, I enable mail, ssh, samba
I did not notice any difference if the SELinux Setting is enforced or disabled.

What else should I check ?

In the workgroup bernath there is several machines which are visible
from a XP machine.

Try connecting to one of the machines by IP address. Do this:

Places>Connect to Server> When the dialog box pops up change the service type to Windows Share and on the line below that where it says server , enter the IP address of the XP box. Then hit connect. When prompted for login credentials, you must use a user name and password that have an account on the local machine you are connecting to.


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