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Re: Example of get nVidia

On Monday 21 January 2008 9:28:35 pm Karl Larsen wrote:
> All testing was with an F8 i386 Fedora. If your using any other Fedora,
> like FC6 these steps will not work.
> Question: How can I tell if my computer is using a nVida video card?
> Answer: Check what your computer hardware is. In a root terminal type
> lspci and you will have something like this if you have it:
> 00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51G [GeForce
> 6100] (rev a2)
> This is from my F8 computer. If you see no nVidia anywhere then you do
> not have a nVidia video card.
> Question: How can I get the driver for my nVidia video card?
> Answer: This is a two step procedure. We will want to yum install the
> driver if possible. If your using a F8 i386 this will work.
> Step 1: For sure you have a fedora.repo in your yum repo storage. If you
> have never installed another repo then you must get the livna or
> freshrpms repo. I used the livna.
>     If you know you have other repo's in your system with a root
> terminal cd /etc/yum.repo.d/ if your using F8. Here is how your
> directory might look.
> [root k5di yum.repos.d]# ls
> fedora-development.repo    fedora-updates.repo          livna.repo
> Fedora-install-media.repo  fedora-updates-testing.repo  livna-testing.repo
> fedora.repo                livna-devel.repo
> If your directory does not have any livna.xxx files you need to
> continue. If yours looks like mine go to step 2.
>     To get the livna repo files in an rpm, you need to go to the livna
> web page. Do this by putting livna into google. When there click on the
> rectangle with your version of Fedora. A window will open up and when
> you have the rpm downloaded you can leave the web page.
>     On your system in a root terminal install the rpm you just
> downloaded with # rpm -i filename.rpm and it should load without any
> problem.
> The freshrpms repo was not done. It has been shown that a /yum.repos.d/
> with three or more repos will have trouble. So have only two in yours.
> This completes Step 1.
> Step 2: In this step we will get the proper files to set your Fedora so
> it works with a nVidia VGA controller. The proper files for an F8 i386
> are on the livna computer so the easy way is to "yum" them. Use this
> method:
> In a root terminal type   yum install kmod-nvidia. You should get 4 rpm
> packages. When they are installed reboot your computer and it will come
> up with the full features of nVidia video. If your system is a 64 bit or
> KDE F8 or some other version Step 2 is difficult and beyond the scope of
> this example.
> Karl


Why is the above an improvement over this:

-- cmg

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