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Re: NoMachines client access to Gnome on F8 (was F7)

On Oct 16, 2007 4:46 PM, J. Alex Aycinena <alex aycinena gmail com> wrote:
> I downloaded and installed the free NoMachines NX server on Fedora 7 (had a
> few problems but managed to overcome them) and the NX client on Vista. I can
> connect from the Vista client to the Fedora server, and, when I select KDE
> as the environment, it seems to come up and work just fine. When I select
> Gnome, however, the client is missing some of the panel functionality (it
> actually came up fine the very first time but the second time, on startup,
> the applets failed to load, with alerts displayed, and haven't since). Gnome
> still comes up fine when I sign on to F7 directly. I've looked all over the
> web and can't find anything to help.
> Does anyone on this list have any experience with this? Can anyone help me
> out?

I'm responding to my own email for the benefit of anyone else who may
have the same problem.

I received feedback from NoMachine as to how to solve the problem.
Since my initial post, I have upgraded to F8, so I have tried the
following on F8 and not on F7 although I expect it would apply the

According to NoMachine: "the causes of the problem with the
gnome-applets seems to be the access policies of the DBUS service. A
way to add a new rule without breaking the DBUS security consists in
executing the following operations as root:

1. Create a new user group (the group name is an example):

    # groupadd dbusext

2. Add to the new group the users accessing Gnome via NX:

    # usermod -a -G dbusext <username>

3. Configure the new group in the DBUS policy rules. Edit the file
/etc/dbus-1/system.d/nm-applet.conf and add the following text just
after the block <policy user="root">...</policy>:

    <policy group="dbusext">
    <allow own="org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo"/>
    <allow send_destination="org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo"/>
    <allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo"/>

4. Restart the DBUS service:

    # /etc/init.d/messagebus restart

If, after these changes, the new NX sessions still have the same
problem, the Gnome configuration could be broken. Make a backup of the
following folders, and remove them:


This is what our developers did in order to create a full working
Gnome session under Fedora 7."

Steps 1 through 4 worked for me and I didn't have to remove the
indicated folders. This allowed me to sign on via the NX client with a
Gnome session as a particular user, whether that user was signed on to
the server or not, and to sign on and off repeatedly in either case
with the Gnome desktop functioning properly, which I was not able to
do previously without the indicated DBUS-related changes.

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