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Non-technical motives for technical work (was:Re: F8 is a problem)

On Tuesday 22 January 2008, Ric Moore wrote:
> Wasn't his Doctorate honorary? There is no mention of a Doctorate in the
> Wikipedia. Yet Einstein did collaborate within teams. Teamwork. That's
> central and crucial to advanced thinking for the likes of an Einstein.
> The cartoon approach, with Einstein sitting in a bathtub and seeing
> E=MC2 on a soap bubble, didn't happen. :) Ric

Paul Harvey once did a 'Rest of the Story' on Einstein.  According to this 
piece, Einstein was looking for 'music' in the universe, and that led to 
relativity theory;  what is known is that Einstein loved his violin and was 
quite good at it.

And that is actually halfway on topic, because there is a group of people who 
are doing this tech for audio and music production, and, unfortunately, F8 is 
proving to be less stable for DAW stuff than F7 was.  I use an F7 DAW weekly 
in production of a radio broadcast; I just have started using F8 on my laptop 
with a Plantronics USB headset for doing the same.  

There are quite serious issues trying to do it on F8 (to be fair, consumer 
sound cards are horrible, and the Intel HDA in both machines stutters like 
crazy when using JACK apps, which is why I use the Plantronics headset on the 
laptop, and an Echo Layla on the desktop); the biggest is that, when I master 
the final CD audio file with JAMin (PlanetCCRMA's package of it), I can hear 
the audio only when JAMin is bypassed; if it's in the loop I hear no sound, 
but when exporting through it from Ardour, the exported wave file is fine.

This works on F7, but not F8.  I haven't had time to file a useful bug report; 
I have a JAMin setup that I did on the F7 box that produces the processing I 
need already, so I process 'deaf' (I actually had written 'blind' but decided 
in this context 'deaf' was more accurate!) but then listen to the resulting 
audio with Audacity after stopping JACK.  I would love to see Audacity's JACK 
support work right, but it doesn't seem to be getting much priority with the 
audacity developers.

Also, I get more dropouts (xruns) on F8 than on F7, but since the two machines 
are not directly comparable (and since my laptop is highly unstable with the 
RT kernel) I don't think this is an F8 problem.  After I upgrade the F7 
desktop to F8 (yes, I am going to do this, since I do know that I can get the 
production done on my F8 laptop, and I do actually enjoy tinkering enough 
that I run this bleeding edge stuff; if I wanted a stable Linux DAW I'd shell 
out the clams for Fervent's Studio to Go! product) I may revise my opinion.
Lamar Owen

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