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Re: F8 is a problem

On 22/01/2008, Aldo Foot <lunixer gmail com> wrote:
> I think a possible explanation is that there a different learning styles.

Yes, there are different ones. But what is Karl's? He doesn't appear
to be the quiet self-teaching learner either. He's been crying for
help on a public mailing-list, blaming the existing documentation
resources because he prefers to ignore instructions completely instead
of following them painstakingly. And if people enter a dialogue with
him to give him specific advice, as soon as the solution to a problem
is found, the subject is changed and acknowledgement is missing. There
is a pattern, too. It's only a few messages later when old complaints
are refreshed without recapitulating the contents of previous messages
and the conclusions within.

The behaviour is not unique to him. There are other people on other
communication channels, who apply similar strategies (with the desire
to keep a topic alive as long as possible, pretending that there is no
help and that something is too difficult to use). I once met somebody
who never executed any of the trivial commands pointed out to him, not
even when explaining what they do. Consequently, the output of the
commands was missing always. Instead, he replied with one-line
responses like "didn't work either". When asked to run a command and
post the output, he replied with long and confusing descriptions of
strange trouble-shooting attempts, which either didn't fix his problem
or made it worse. Only after weeks he pointed out that a "good friend"
told him not to run any commands recommended "on the Internet", so he
would not be hacked and that "he should find it very suspicious if he
were asked to run 'su'". For some people it's  too easy to say "still
doesn't work" and be done for the next day/week, also after not trying
out a fix at all. Even commercial supporters will fail in such cases,
because the final acknowledgement will be missing. The problem is
understood, the fix is known, but the user is not willing to confirm
it or to admit own mistakes.

> For instance Visual
> Spatial Learners learn by visualization and not by reading.

Then a mailing-list is the completely wrong medium. I would rather
visit a local LUG or consult a local trainer.

> Think of the student in a classroom who's watching squirrels out the window
> ten minutes into lecture. But once he goes to the physics lab. he's
> unstoppable.

Doesn't apply here. The squirrels have taken over the lab, too.

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