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Re: Fedora 8 64-bit Athlon Install- Can't find CD/DVD Drives?

Today Rick Bilonick did spake thusly:

I'm trying to install Fedora 8 64-bit on an Athlon 64-bit desktop
running Fedora 6. It boots from the install disk, asks about language,
etc. and then strangely brings up a menu on which I'm to indicate where
the packages to install are (CD/DVD, hard drive, etc.). If it's booting
from the DVD to begin with, why is it now asking where the packages are?
I've tried all sorts of kernel parameters (ide=nodma, acpi=off, etc. - I
included ones specifically for this problme) but NOTHING helps. What is
the solution? Must I replace the CD/DVD drive? If so, how do I know what
to buy??

I got exactly the same problem trying to upgrade onto my dual opteron setup...I gave up and upgraded uding yum. Would be interested to see if there's a solution though...

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