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Re: Windows Network

2008/1/22 Dr P Dupre <pd520 york ac uk>:

> Dr P Dupre wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am still trying to configure properly to have this "network" working.
>> Now I can see the other machines on the network !
>> When I try to connect on one (for example belonging to the same workgroup),
>> I get: Sorry, couldn't display all the contents of "Windows Network:
>> bernath" and any machine shows up.
>> Concerning samba, I have: workgroup bernath
>> Security Authentication Mode User
>> Authentification Server: *
>> No Guest Account
>> Encrypt Password yes
>> Concerning the firewall, I enable mail, ssh, samba
>> I did not notice any difference if the SELinux Setting is enforced or
>> disabled.
>> What else should I check ?
>> In the workgroup bernath there is several machines which are visible
>> from a XP machine.
> Try connecting to one of the machines by IP address. Do this:
> Places>Connect to Server>   When the dialog box pops up change the service
> type to Windows Share and on the line below that where it says server , enter
> the IP address of the XP box. Then hit connect. When prompted for login
> credentials, you must use a user name and password that have an account on
> the local machine you are connecting to.
This works, as well as
smbclient -L //  -I
That way I need the ip address.

So you can connect that way?

By the way, something seems wrong with my linux machine.
If I do ping homere (or homere.  and the name of the network) it does
not work from the Linux, but works very well from a XP machine !!!
homere is a XP machine.

Have you looked up Samba using google?Have you read any of the information?
try pinging the machine by  IP  not name. Does this work?

Open the NFS4 port on the firewall. You may need to restart the firewall service if you do this. Always when playing with the firewall, if opening a port does not work, then first restart the service, if that does not do it then go back and close the open port. Do not leave unnecessary ports open at any time. Google is your friend!!


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