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Re: Passing password in ssh

Or you can do it the "easy" way. Use public keys without a password on it.
You won't have to type in any password, so you won't get the popup anymore, and it's relatively secure.
As long as you don't give your private key to anyone of course ;)

Itamar - IspBrasil wrote:
you can write a program linked into libssh2

like php for example


tony chamberlain lemko com wrote:

Any way to pass a password (on command line) in SSH?

Sure you can use the ssh-keygen and set up public and
private keys and all that.  Problem is, in batch mode
something can go wrong.  You might not have the entry
in the hosts file, or something.  And then your batch program
will freeze waiting for a password or human response to type
"yes". It would be good to do like ssh -l login -p password blah blah blah,
but I can't figure out how.

A second question (acutally alternative).  Any other way to do this:

     ssh -l login host cmd

That is, execute a command on a remote host, other than ssh?
Might be an alternative.

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