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Re: CTAN packages for Fedora

François Patte wrote:
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Globe Trotter a écrit :
| Hi all,
| Does anyone know if I can get RPMs of specific CTAN (LaTeX) packages
on Fedora?
| I am currently looking for marginnotes package, and I wanted to know
if there
| are RPMs around before I went ahead and installed it from the gz file.

Don't think so... To install (La)TeX packages you can download and
install mpm:


This utility do the job for you, ie.: install packages with "official"
TDS in your /usr/local/share/texmf directory.

It is easy to use:

mpm --install=marginnote

You just have to run texhash after install (or texhash, then updmap if
you install fonts).
Thank YOU!

That helps a TON with a project I am working on.  I love the net. :)

Installed it and its working like a charm.


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