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Re: Double messages

Hehe, Karl kinda has a history on this list, it's not that everyone is unfriendly to everyone. They are just making an exception :)

lwaynej wrote:
On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 16:07 +0000, Scott van Looy wrote:
Today Karl Larsen did spake thusly:

  I noticed my messages were sent twice to the Fedora list. They are coming 
from somewhere outside my smtp server. Does anyone else have the same 

  Now all messages to Fedora are sent twice. No other lists have this 
problem. So it must be a problem at Fedora or a more complex problem.
We're not getting any of your messages twice. PEBKAC?


Wow, this has to be one of the rudest lists I have been on. 

I am getting doubles of a lot of messages. I am sure it not a PEBKAC. 

This happens from time to time. E-mail messages don't necessarily travel
directly from the Fedora email server to mine. If I counted correctly,
there were about 10 'received from 's in this emails message header.
>From what I understand each one of these servers receives the messages,
queues it and then passes it on. Sometimes servers end up sending queued
messages more than once for various reasons.

It has been some years since I studied this. I thought there was a way
for an email client to uniquely identify messages in order resolve this
issue but I can't remember what is was. I don't see anything in the
message header. I want to compare message headers between the duplicate
messages but I can only find one in my trash.

In any case some of the suggestion don't seem to be very well thought
out. Since Karl is just noticing this today I doubt it is some sort of
issue with his account or client configuration, unless there is some
sort of option to randomly duplicate emails.

I think it would also be unreasonable to think this is some sort of
'practical joke.' There are much better jokes to play on people and this
phenomenon is not at all uncommon.


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