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Re: Double messages

Karl Larsen wrote:
Mark Haney wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

It is possible and someone is doing it so every time they get a fedora message they forward it to me. Period. I too know how to do this. Period.


Okay. I'm game.  Prove it.

Block out the offending email address if you want. Regardless, unless you have some sort of actual POSTABLE (Is that a word?) proof, can we please give this a rest?

Mark I do not have to prove a thing. If you think I am making this up you are one sick person!


Yes, you do have to prove it. No, I don't think you are making this up. But, I'd like to see some evidence that someone has actually setup a rule to forward all fedora messages to you. So far all we have from you is a vague accusation that you're getting double mail from a mail client you just configured.

Now, I will go on the record to say I'll be glad to help you figure out what's really going on, but only if you can supply me with logs, mail headers, ANYTHING that displays the behaviour you mention.

To pretty much everyone on the list, having accused SOMEONE on the list of forwarding messages to you from the list without any evidence to back it up is childish, irresponsible and beyond what a normal adult would do.

To us, you're being defensive because you a) have something to hide, like you are making it up or b) you don't really know what's causing the problem, you are just pointing the finger hoping someone will step up and say 'I did it'. All I (and I can't speak for anyone else) ask for is some evidence. Even something you /think/ is evidence.

Give us something to work with to help you find the problem or culprit, or get over it and move on. Seriously.

Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt -- Caius Julius Caesar

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