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Re: Double messages

Karl Larsen wrote:

If it is only happening on replies to messages you have sent, someone is simply hitting 'reply-all' which has been the canonical way to respond to mail list messages from the beginning of time, since they don't all set the reply-to: header to direct mail back to the list. Some mailers will only include the reply-to: address in this case, but I don't think that is universal.

It is possible and someone is doing it so every time they get a fedora message they forward it to me. Period. I too know how to do this. Period.

But is it all fedora list messages or only threads where you have previously replied (not that there is much difference today...). If your address is already in a From: or CC: header it is reasonable to see duplicates.

I can see there is only one To: address as I send this.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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