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Re: livna video drivers for idiots

Christopher A. Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 12:45 -0800, Michael A. Peters wrote:

The Ubuntu zealots are about as religious as the Fedora ones... :)

Seriously, I think the script looks pretty good based on what my little
brain can make of it.

The only things I can see from a usability standpoint is how a person is
to know which of the nVidia drivers they are supposed to install.
Perhaps a little explanation in the script such as what follows would

nVidia: For the most recent nVidia cards (like Geforce4 and later)
nVidia-96xx: For Geforce2, Quadro4 or newer (AIGLX capable)
nvidia-legacy: For nVidia cards that are even older...
Yeah - I think maybe lspci could be used to verify the user has a card that is even supported, and auto select the correct driver.
Also, since you know that you require zenity, as well as either wget or
curl, consider offering to install these packages along the way as a
part of the install script instead of just erroring out and saying you
need them.
The checks for wget/curl/mktemp should probably be moved into the function that uses them. I suspect the check for mktemp is not necessary. It's needed by things like bash and pam. At least in CentOS it is.

zenity is part of gnome and will be there if gnome is installed, it's required by gnome-utils. I think it will be there if kde is installed as well. Not positive though.

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