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Re: Double messages

On Tuesday 22 January 2008, Karl Larsen wrote:
>     The way to send every message I get to another person is done in the
> Tools -> Message Filters GUI system. I can't send pictures because they
> are removed by the Fedora list. So I words here is what you do.

This is far from the only way to do this, incidentally.  Doubling of messages 
can be easily set up in a mailserver (either sendmail or postfix or other), 
in somebody's procmail recipes, and several other different ways.

They could even mail-bomb, in that they could send an endless number of 
messages your way, should someone desire to do so.

But without the headers of the actual message duplicates that you are getting 
it is impossible to tell.  What you need to be able to determine how and why 
the dupes are occurring is look in the full headers, specifically in the 
Return-path and Received: headers.  If you've never traced e-mail headers 
before, there are a number of folks here who can if you'd like to send the 
full headers (headers only) in a message; you can start by sending it to me 
privately (not via the list) and then perhaps to the list, depending upon 
where the issue might lie (it could, for whatever reason, be related to the 
Fedora infrastructure issues/upgrades that have been happening lately, but it 
might not, too).

But without seeing the headers and tracing the Received: trail you haven't 
proved the someone IS doing this just because you found one of the many ways 
that this CAN be done.  The possibility does not make the certainty.
Lamar Owen

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