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Re: Remote Desktop: the recipe.

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

Your comment about a port conflict with vncserver isn't generally true.    The
libvnc.so X module would use port 5900 but vncserver is used to start
independent frame buffer sessions that take screen numbers starting with :1
and corresponding port numbers of 5900 + screen number which would not

i sort of knew that, but i wanted to keep it simple.  i'm going to go
back and fix it after i clean up the VNC stuff, and maybe combine it
in one big page.

And to confuse things a bit more, the vncts package that starts new
sessions on demand through xinetd would also conflict in a different

*sigh*.  and i was feeling so pleased with myself ...

Vncts gives you a fresh login screen each time you connect and can do it for many users at the same time, all thinking they are connecting to screen :0. I've only used it in the k12ltsp variations of fedora/centos (where it is enabled by default) and it probably depends on having gdm configured to permit additional sessions.

If you find a way to get libvnc.so working, please post it though. I'd enable that on some of my machines if I could make it work again.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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