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Re: CD and DVD ISO images

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John Summerfield wrote:
| Timothy Murphy wrote:
|> Ed Landaveri wrote:
|>> If your computer has no DVD drive and you need to do
|>> an installation, do a FTP or NFS install. It'll be
|>> faster & cleaner.
|> An alternative is to use the KDE Live CD,
|> install that, and use "yum groupinstall"
|> to install anything more one wants.
| Neither helps me give a copy to my mate.
| Neither helps install sans network; I've just tried Ubuntu jeos and,
| despite being on a CD, it wants to download more stuff from the
| Internet. Yuck and <plonk>.
| The CD-sized images in a DVD solves problems that other techniques do not.
| Really, the question is, "Why not?"

I am not with Fedora and can not answer your "Why not?". But I would guess
it is drive space, plus mirror complaints, and no time.  ;-)

The only place that I know of for Fedora CD's is here.

Fedora Unity

This site uses jigdo and (I have not done this but I would bet it would
work) jigdo would read *your* DVD, download the updated packages, and make
the CD's from the updates and the unchanged packages from your DVD. These
CDs, should this work, would be up-to-date as of Dec 18, 2007.

I have done a DVD to DVD update and jigdo works quite well.
- --

~  David
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