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Re: Ahh, forget repo fusion :-).

Tom Horsley wrote:

1. Goal
The RPMforge.net project is an independent community-driven project to provide the infrastructure and tools to allow users, developers and packagers to meet and work together to provide and improve RPM packages.

That may be the idea behind rpmforge, but knowing how getting linux
developers to agree on standards is a lot like herding cats, I was
thinking about it from the other direction - a technical solution
that would let you install all sorts of conflicting nonsense in
a way that prevents the conflicts and then select between the
choices by diddling your PATH or using something like the
alternatives scheme.

I'd love to see a generic mechanism like that even to permit having multiple versions of the same package from the same repo installed at the same time. However, many packages would need alternate locations for their configuration and GUI tools wouldn't understand that, and you would have to deal with conflicts over resources like listening on fixed ports, etc.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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